ROOMZ Insider – We welcome our 400th business customer

400 convinced business customers opt for ROOMZ

When the company was founded as Setza SA back in 2015, the founding duo, Roger Meier and Patrick Terreaux, had already completed plenty of preliminary work. In close collaboration with their first client, ETH Zurich, the two engineers developed an easy-to-install central room booking system with wireless displays.

The careful preparation for market launch, including establishing the sales & marketing department, lasted until 2017.

And then one thing followed another: The company was renamed to ROOMZ in the same year, and ALSO was recruited as the exclusive Swiss distributor of ROOMZ displays. The broad market resonance was proven by customers including ETZ Zurich, Pilatus and Bank am Bellevue.

In 2018, the visionaries launched the new ROOMZ Sensor and, together with ALSO, expanded into the German and Austrian markets as well as with Sidev in the French market.

Highpoints of the current year 2019 included the new webportal, the partnership with the panEuropean company, ITANCIA present in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Africa, and the 400th satisfied ROOMZ customer.

We have grown from three employees at the beginning of 2017, to 12 today.

ROOMZ – a success story, to be continued.

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