ROOMZ Insider - Setza SA becomes ROOMZ SA

The name says it all: ROOMZ SA

The same thing happened to us as with companies such as UHU, Tempo, Post-it, Jeep and many others that launched a successful product: our product name became a byword for the company itself. And that is a good thing! It ultimately shows us that we picked a fitting product name that is pleasing to our customers, and that our company is thoroughly identified with our product ROOMZ.

We want to do justice to that, and not just by half-measures, but entirely: we are renaming our company to ROOMZ SA and are thereby also committing ourselves in name to our popular reservations tool, which is meanwhile in use at over 100 companies.

Everything else shall remain the same: a passionate team full of enthusiasm for innovations designed to help you better handle your daily work – easily, efficiently and with style.

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