Opdag tendenser og spørgsmål i arbejdsverdenen gennem vores udvalg af artikler

The role of IoT occupancy sensors in real estate and facility management

By providing data-driven information, IoT sensors (IoT: Internet of Things) are revolutionising the real estate and facility management sectors. Building […]

Workspace trends in 2024: flexibility, well-being, and sustainability leading the way

Workspaces will continue to evolve in 2024 to adapt to the changing needs of employees and the new ways of […]

Added value of data analytics in workspaces optimization

Data collection is now ubiquitous, and has extended to workplaces, enabling us to better understand them so that we can […]

From employees to facility management, what are the requirements and solutions for workspaces?

The role of offices has evolved considerably in recent years. They have become a veritable social hub that only makes […]

The ROOMZ ecosystem: Multiple challenges, one solution for your workspaces

The office should adapt to the company and not the other way around – this is the philosophy on which […]

Flex Office: Going beyond cost optimization to focus on employee experience

Initially designed to optimise and reduce space with an eye towards saving costs, the concept of flex office is now […]

Flex office: an incremental process for controlled change

The increase of teleworking over the last two years has expanded interest in the concept of flex office. With fewer […]

The important role of workspaces in employee engagement

In response to the fateful question: Where will we work after the crisis? A few months ago, some people said […]

The future workplace: Greater flexibility with fewer square metres?

The increasing prevalence of home office work, the diversity of collaboration spaces, real estate prices: many factors are now forcing […]

Digitization of spaces: How the education sector is adapting to new needs

The new needs of “digital native” students A turnaround is in progress in the higher education landscape, with more and […]

COVID-19 and now? How to organize your employees’ return to the office

The new challenges of workspaces

Digital sobriety: Ethical and practical issues

What are the ecological impacts of the digital world and how can they be reduced?

New Ways Of Working: 3 types of emerging collaborative spaces

It's time for change in companies, discover these concepts that are revolutionizing the way we collaborate.

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