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HDI Global and the new ways of working: a success story

10 July 2023

From a traditional office-based organization to flexible offices

roomz hdi

HDI Global, an international company specializing in liability insurance, sought a modern solution to manage its Swiss workspaces for nearly 120 employees.


Previously spread over nine floors, HDI aimed to bring the teams together on a single floor to encourage collaboration between departments. This new work organization required a shift from a traditional single workplace location to flexible desks.


By choosing the ROOMZ ecosystem to manage its desks, phone boxes and meeting rooms, HDI was able to implement a modern and flexible working environment in a short period of time.

“Having ROOMZ in place really enabled us to work in hybrid teams, have different working models and operate in a way far different than I could have ever imagine. “

Marc Luginbühl
CEO – HDI Global Switzerland

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