Innovative “must have” for intelligent workplace and room usage solutions

10 oktober 2018

The ROOMZ Display was the first trick, and is now being following by the second: The new Room Sensor is the sensible addition to the successful Display. Both solutions work together as a team: The Display records new and updates existing room reservations, while the Sensor monitors whether the room is used according to how it was booked.

Common nuisance: Overbooked rooms

Meeting rooms and conference rooms are frequently occupied exactly when one needs them. Therefore, many rooms are simply preventively blocked – and remain unused. The new Sensor counteracts this grievance. It notices when a room goes unused and then releases it again. The sophisticated algorithms and additional room climate functions boost efficiency, improve internal procedures and increase employee satisfaction.

Also available for workspaces starting 2019

The Desk Sensor will also soon be available. With its support, the flexible use of workspaces in the “shared desk” sector will become more reliable and more effective.

roomz.io = ROOMZ Intelligent Offices

These steps move ROOMZ away from individual products towards intelligent workplace solutions. This new orientation is also reflected in our new website under the existing domain address: roomz.io. The top-level domain, .io, sums up our expertise in a nutshell. roomz.io stands for ROOMZ Intelligent Offices.

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