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Testimonial from the first ROOMZ customer, ETH Zurich

22 May 2023

Seven years after the installation of the first screens, ETH Zurich looks back on its experience with ROOMZ.

There are now 800 screens are installed in the classrooms of the prestigious Swiss university.

Armin Brunner, Head of ITS Infrastructure, looks back on his experience with ROOMZ and on how the screens evolved over time.


As ROOMZ’ first client, we can highlight the extremely low power consumption and outstanding autonomy of the batteries of the displays.

Back in 2016, when we installed our first 400 displays at ETHZ, ROOMZ estimated a battery autonomy of 2 years. This has not only been achieved, but the typical autonomy of a display in our installation is exceeding 4 years.

The battery replacement is easy and typically takes less than 1 minute by screen.


400 displays have been installed in 2016 – we have now in total 800 displays installed. Out of theses 800 displays, we only had 10 defect displays (0.26% or 1.6 defect display per year).

After 7 years of operation, the displays show almost no visible degradation, and we can expect them to last for another 10 years.


And as the displays have no operating system, we have ZERO software maintenance on them – they just work.

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