«We did not want to have to install cables onto our offices. We also sought an ecologically appropriate system, one that enables us flexible usage and expansion in the future as Lonza continues to grow. The ROOMZ solution was the only one to impress us across the board.»


«ROOMZ [... ] meets all of ETH’s requirements –in terms of easy operation, scalability and design.»

Sunderland City Council

«What distinguishes ROOMZ is that while the technology behind it might be quite complex, for the user it is actually quite simple. It is easily implemented, easily managed and it provides me with invaluable information on how a building is being used.»


«When our employees look for a room, they see the display at a glance. This makes everyday life easier and prevents frustration.»


«Thanks to ROOMZ, we were able to reduce the manual effort of printing out the weekly plans.»

Bank am Bellevue

«ROOMZ displays save you time, optimize processes and improve meeting culture.»

Hochschule Luzern

«This innovative Swiss startup has come up with a new solution for an old problem. No electricity, no cable, easy installation.»


«The long battery life reduces maintenance work.»


«Our employees especially appreciate the possibility to spontaneously book a meeting room. No one misses the previous calendar solution; conversely, the displays have become indispensable.»


«I would recommend ROOMZ because of the stability and simplicity of its operation as well as the professionalism of the team.»


«The solution convinced us in terms of quality, user experience, as well as price.»

Croix-Rouge Suisse

«ZERO cables; just unpack –configure –adhere –done! That’s how to make technology fun!»

University of Basel

«With the ROOMZ display, we can update the occupancy at intervals we choose ourselves or at the touch of a button and they are always totally up to date!»


«ROOMZ displays are a future-proof, scalable, easy-to-use and visually very appealing solution for space management.»

Kantonsschule Olten

«Several aspects of the solution really impressed us. The displays are visually appealing, wireless, low-maintenance, very energy efficient as well as vandal-proof with their magnetic lock.»


"What impressed us about the ROOMZ solution was the "all-in-one concept": digital meeting room displays combined with a clever workplace management system."


«ROOMZ is 100 % the solution we were looking for. Wireless: no further explanation needed.»

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