“ROOMZ” hits the nail on the head

10 December 2015

Setza SA hired the branding agency, Asphalte Design, to develop a simple website in December 2015. The creative talents expressed their concerns about the name “Setza” during the kick-off meeting. Especially for Swiss-French speakers, the “tz” in the word is difficult to pronounce, and sounds rather harsh. They proposed providing naming proposals along with the design concepts. Roger Meier and Patrick Terreaux both immediately agreed, the two engineers were glad to be able to focus on their core competencies.

Just one look was all it took for all to agree

The creative director, Yannick Macheret, presented the design concepts and three product names with a logo a few weeks later. ROOMZ was one of these proposed names. The designers combined the word “room” with the “Z” from “Setza”. The two founders took one look and both nodded in agreement: “That’s it! ROOMZ is the perfect brand name for our product family, offering unlimited potential, such as with ROOMZ Server, ROOMZ Displays, etc.” And that is how ROOMZ™ was born.

Sleek logo with a certain something

The logo the designers presented also convinced the company founders. “The logo consisting of only letters is lean, quickly recognizable, clear, comprehensible and with no frills – just like our modular product family,” praised Roger Meier, who went on to point out a sophisticated detail: “The two letters ‘OO’ are represented as semi circles to symbolize two meeting rooms divided by a corridor.” Simplicity was also chosen in accordance with the corporate philosophy when it came to the corporate colors: the black and white logo matches the display screen. The only thing remaining to be discussed was the supplemental corporate color for use in designing advertising materials. The color “Fabien-Blau”* was ultimately chosen.

* The two founders did not know at the time that their future head of marketing and sales would be named Fabien.

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