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Green solution

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Solutions designed with the planet in mind

When you choose ROOMZ workspaces management solutions, you choose sustainable digital technology. Our products are designed to be as energy efficient as possible and to have a long service life, while providing you with great autonomy.

The choice of a subtle product

Did you know? Our meeting room booking displays – ROOMZ displays – consume on average 10,000 times less energy than a conventional tablet. The ROOMZ Display only connects for a few minutes a day to retrieve the reservation data, significantly reducing energy consumption.

We have also designed it with a discrete black and white display to comply with our low energy policy.

More about the ROOMZ Display

Innovation: a 100% solar display

Optimize your meeting rooms with the ROOMZ Solar Display and switch to an energy-neutral display, powered only by daylight.

The display requires only 300 lux of light to operate fully autonomously – a light intensity easily surpassed by conventional indoor lighting. In the complete absence of light, the rechargeable LiPo battery takes over powering the display for more than three months.

Learn more about ROOMZ Solar Display

Products that stay with you over time

ROOMZ solutions are designed with green IT in mind counteracting programmed obsolescence, for producing products with impressive longevity. The average service life of ROOMZ meeting room schedule displays and occupancy sensors is three times longer than a cabled color solution.

ROOMZ products are 100% cable-free, so if your infrastructure evolves or a move is imminent, you need not install expensive PVC clad and environmentally harmful cable solutions.

Values that matter to us

  • Longevity

    The subtle design and composition of the products without heating elements or metal parts guarantee a service life of more than 10 years.

  • Digital sobriety

    A range of low-carbon products without rare or toxic components ensures more sustainable consumption.

  • Low consumption

    Over two years of runtime for the standard ROOMZ displays and unlimited runtime for the solar-powered version.

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Xavier Marmasse

Global Category Leader – Facilities & Utilities
Lonza Group AG

«We did not want to have to install cables onto our offices. We also sought an ecologically appropriate system, one that enables us flexible usage and expansion in the future as Lonza continues to grow. The ROOMZ solution was the only one to impress us across the board.»

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