The future of work is hybrid

A total of 55% of office workers now use a hybrid way of working, making it the most popular working method in the world.

To meet these new challenges, companies need to rethink and equip their businesses with new tools.

ROOMZ offers a complete, wireless and high-quality ecosystem to help companies make the digital transition to the new ways of working.

Our value proposition

Better employee experience

  • Enhance the workspace experience
  • Boost visibility of available workspaces
  • Greater employee autonomy

Greater teamwork

  • Increase collaboration and productivity
  • Provide the right space at the right time
  • Innovative tools for hybrid meetings

Efficient use of workspaces

  • Improve the utilization of your existing real estate
  • Remove the guesswork from your office strategy
  • Design your office based on accurate data

ROOMZ’ unique ecosystem

From a sustainability perspective


Very low power consumption

one wired tablet consumes as much power as 10’000 ROOMZ-displays


Extended lifecycle products

ROOMZ products will easily last more than 10 years


Long battery life

typical usage: 4 years for the displays and 4 to 5 years for the sensors


Discrete black and white display

all booking screens are designed with e-ink technology

"After 7 years of operation, the displays show almost no visible degradation, and we can expect them to last for another 10 years."

Armin Brunner

Head of ITS Infrastructure | ETH Zurich

From a financial perspective


100% wireless solution

no expensive project to install cable or switch


Very low maintenance costs

the whole solution runs without operating system


Better use of workspaces

cost reduction and space optimization


Low expenses

the connectivity with Microsoft doesn’t require a MTR subscription

"With the migration to ROOMZ Cloud, the effort for managing the meeting rooms has been reduced to a minimum. We always have the latest ROOMZ version and features."

Philipp Huber

System Engineer | Bellevue Asset Management

From an IT perspective


The most secure solution on the market

no operating system, no data stored locally


Easy to install

ROOMZ connects to the existing booking system via Wi-Fi within a few minutes


No cabling or switch

use of the same wireless infrastructure


Secure ecosystem

certified ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant

"It is easily implemented, easily managed and it provides me with invaluable information on how a building is being used."

Ian Crosby

Premises and Security Manager | Sunderland City Council

From a Facility Management perspective


Can be installed on all surfaces

and perfectly on glass


Made in Switzerland

Very clean design and high quality materials


Very scalable

easily add ROOMZ Displays to your existing infrastructure


Better management of the building

and of all kind of workspaces with a one-stop solution

"Zero cables; just unpack – configure – adhere – done! That’s how to make technology fun!"

Benno Stucki

Department Head ICT Services | Swiss Red Cross

Discover our references


Markus Thoma

Head Facility Management
Zühlke Engineering AG

«When our employees look for a room, they see the display at a glance. This makes everyday life easier and prevents frustration.»

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