Meeting room solution

A complete solution to efficiently manage your meeting room bookings.

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Meeting room solution

A complete solution to efficiently manage your meeting room bookings.

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Make better use of your meeting rooms

ROOMZ is the right answer to all your questions around the efficient use and management of meeting and conference rooms. With our booking system, including cable-free meeting room booking displays and room occupancy sensors, you remove booking frustrations and create better workplace experiences. Our analytics tools will provide you useful occupancy data to help you optimize the use of your meeting rooms.

ROOMZ Display - Meeting room booking screen

A lot of time and productivity is wasted looking for the right meeting room. Our innovative and wireless meeting room management solution puts an end to guesswork and provides clear information. Right where and when it’s needed.

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Instant book

Less than 40% of meeting rooms are occupied in average. Use the free capacity for ad-hoc meetings and let employees book an available room right on the spot.

ROOMZ SENSOR – Room occupancy sensor

Booked but unused workspaces create cost and frustration. Eliminate ghost-meetings by installing ROOMZ smart sensors that will automatically release a room for a meeting where no one shows up.

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Optimize your workplaces

Do you know how and when your meeting rooms are used? – with ROOMZ analytics, you will get the real insights on the usage of your workplaces needed to optimize your offices. Use the ROOMZ occupancy sensor to enhance your analysis by adding real-time occupancy data.

Digital signage of all bookings

What is going on right now? – The ROOMZ Flightboard can easily be used on a SmartTV to display a summary of all current and upcoming bookings. Find out at a glance where your next meeting is or where an available room is located. Choose between a view by floor or building according to your needs.

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Markus Thoma

Head Facility Management
Zühlke Engineering AG

«When our employees look for a room, they see the display at a glance. This makes everyday life easier and prevents frustration.»

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