A team conquering the heights

What does ROOMZ have in common with our beautiful Swiss mountains? The sky is the limit! As sportsmen and nature lovers, we have a thirst for adventure in both our personal and professional projects.

What drives us? We aim to be innovative, to listen, discuss and focus on people.

Initially a 100% Swiss team, ROOMZ has grown to welcome employees from throughout Europe. From Freiburg to Nantes, Manchester, Frankfurt, Vigo and Barcelona – there is now a bit of ROOMZ in each of these cities.

This openness to the world brought by each member of the team allows us to evolve and to see beyond the “Jungfraujoch” today!

A green spirit

A green spirit

More than a development strategy, the green attitude is a real way of life at ROOMZ. One sign of this are the many bicycles hanging on the walls that can be seen in our videos!

...driven by innovation

...driven by innovation

When you know that ROOMZ was founded by two engineers, you immediately understand where our thirst for innovation comes from. Exchanging ideas, creating something and "A/B testing" are part of our daily routine.

...and people

...and people

Despite the geographical separation, cooperation and team spirit are our guiding principles. No matter how ROOMZ evolves, it will maintain and cultivate its start-up spirit!

Our history

May 2015

Founding of Setza

In 2015, Roger Meier and Patrick Terreaux met during an academic MBA programme at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. The problem with meeting rooms came up in a discussion, whereupon they decided to develop a wireless solution to fix it.

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February 2016

ETH Zurich, our first customer

The two engineers presented the pilot project to ETH Zurich, which was looking for a solution to manage the 500 rooms on campus. A major point that made the difference was the wireless aspect of the ROOMZ screens, which allowed them to be installed without damaging the buildings.

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May 2017

Marketing begins

In 2017, Fabien Moine joined the team as sales manager, the first screens were marketed on the Swiss market and Setza took this opportunity to give itself a new graphic identity and a new name: ROOMZ

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The ROOMZ Sensor completes the Meeting Room Solution

Beyond the reservation aspect, the phenomenon of ghost meetings is a recurring problem in companies. ROOMZ developed and marketed its first presence sensors to solve this problem.

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2018 - 2019

Opening up to Europe

Based on its solid success in Switzerland, ROOMZ opened up two new countries in succession: France and Germany, thus expanding its distribution range to Europe.

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ROOMZ, first on the Swiss market

The simplicity of the solution, made possible by its wireless features, enabled ROOMZ to win over a growing number companies to ultimately become the Swiss market leader.

June 2019

400 customer mark exceeded

With the success of its solution, In June 2019, ROOMZ cracked the mark of 400 customers from all sectors: healthcare, banking, insurance, schools, municipalities – a symbolic and encouraging milestone!

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From Meeting Room Solution to Intelligent Offices Solution

With the development of the Desk Sensor and the Huddle Sensor, ROOMZ was no longer limited to meeting rooms, but extended its solution to all types of workspaces.

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July 2020

myROOMZ Web & mobile app

The solution was rounded off with the development of the myROOMZ app to manage shared office space, marking the creations of an ecosystem designed to enable companies to integrate hybrid working methods.

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September 2021

More than 1,000 customers convinced

A new milestone in the evolution of ROOMZ was reached, with nearly 1,000 customers using the solution all over Europe – and a few on other continents as well!

November 2021

The ROOMZ Solar Display

Driven by the desire to offer even more environmentally-friendly solutions, ROOMZ developed and marketed the first solar-powered reservation screen on the market, pushing the concept of digital sobriety to the extreme.

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Our vision for the workspaces of tomorrow

More flexibility

We believe in using technology to support new ways of working and to offer employees greater organisational flexibility. Flexibility in working hours, locations and collaboration methods.

People come first

Work environments are becoming more hybrid, adapting to changing needs. The days when employees had to make do with the spaces at their disposal are over. The opposite is now taking shape.

Offices are regaining one of their primary functions by becoming living spaces that promote exchange and co-creation.

Innovative spaces

Parallel to the evolution of society, workspaces are now connected and intelligent.

This evolution, made possible by technology, makes it possible to create smarter buildings that are also more environmentally friendly.

ROOMZ in numbers

1000+ 1000+ Customers satisfied
200+ 200+ Partners
25+ 25+ Countries served
20000+ 20000+ Workspaces equipped


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