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Manage the Covid-19 Deconfinement

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How can employees return to the office safely?

The post-COVID office experience will be different. Reliable occupancy data can help to drive objective and evidence-based decision making. Due to social distancing restrictions, buildings may not be used at their full capacity during re-entry of the workforce. The less resources there are available, the better these need to be managed.

ROOMZ can help driving and supporting your deconfinement strategy

Social distancing

Occupancy rate


Smart desk booking

Using myROOMZ, employee can book their desk in advance. For each floor, a maximum level of allowed occupancy can be configured. See who is already booked-in to choose the right space at the right time.

Social distancing reports

Check and validate deconfinement decisions and actions (PDCA). With ROOMZ, you get real-time occupation and densities for each floor, as well as monthly reports for daily peak and average occupation.

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Social distancing guiding

Help employees navigate in the building by displaying occupancy rate for each floor.

Facilitate usage-based cleaning

When returning to work, timing and effectiveness of cleaning services will be crucial. Use our ROOMZ Viewers to know which desks have been occupied and need cleaning or sanitizing.

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