ROOMZ new webportal 2.0, Flightboard

26 November 2019

ROOMZ stands for intelligent work environments and optimized room usage.
Update V2 of our ROOMZ Server administration platform will impress you. You profit from an extended range of possible uses, simpler operation and a redesigned interface.

The update includes a range of improvements and was upgraded with many useful functions :

  • Setting up of individual buildings and floors
  • Flightboard displays listing occupied or available rooms, also on non-ROOMZ smart TVs
  • Reduction of the update interval for all displays when the company is closed, prolonging the device’s battery life
  • Inclusion of the business hours in the use analysis to show the real utilization
  • The option of placing sensors without a display, such as for analyzing room and workspace resources

The dedicated update portal contains all new features and also provides helpful tips:

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