ROOMZ News – the new ROOMZ Sensor

Innovative “must have” for intelligent workplace and room usage solutions

The successful room planning tool, ROOMZ Display, is being enhanced with a new innovation: ROOMZ Sensor. The products are thereby increasingly merging into intelligent workplace and room usage solutions. ROOMZ knows what makes intelligent offices.

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ROOMZ Story - Excitement at isolutions over ROOMZ displays

ROOMZ meets the high standards of isolutions, the smart work pioneer

When it comes to the digital workplace, the leading Microsoft business partner, isolutions, is blazing a pioneering trail: the technology cracks expertly support companies through the digital transformation. This lends even greater weight to their choosing ROOMZ – it is this recognition that fills us with pride.

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ROOMZ Story - ETH Zurich chooses ROOMZ

ETH Zurich goes for ROOMZ

The optimal use and efficient management of rooms is more than merely a matter of weighing the costs and benefits. For ETH Zurich, intelligent room usage also means creating the ideal conditions to enable professors, doctorate candidates and students to make the most of their resources. ROOMZ is making a lasting contribution to this aim.

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ROOMZ Insider - Setza SA becomes ROOMZ SA

Setza SA becomes ROOMZ SA

It has not taken long for ROOMZ, our room planning tool, to conquer the market and to become a byword among customers. It only makes sense to match our company name with that of our most successful product, and to rename it to ROOMZ SA.

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ROOMZ Market - ALSO – Exclusive Swiss distributor of ROOMZ


When the leading Swiss logistics services provider adds a new solution to its portfolio, then it must truly be a good one. See why ALSO has acquired the exclusive sales rights for ROOMZ.

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ROOMZ Insider - Fabien Moine begins at Setza

Fabien Moine now at Setza

In football terms, it would be called a successful transfer: ICT expert, Fabien Moine, is switching from a large corporation to a startup. Read more about his reasons for making this courageous decision.

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ROOMZ Insider – The ROOMZ brand is born

"ROOMZ" hits the nail on the head

ROOMZ stands for the effective and efficient management of office spaces. They say that "nomen est omen" (it is all in the name). Read how the right name was found and what that "Z" at the end of the name is all about.

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ROOMZ Insider - Founding of Setza SA

Roger Meier and Patrick Terreaux found Setza

From personal experience, Roger Meier and Patrick Terreaux were well aware that something had to be done about the unsatisfactory room signage at many companies. They worked together with their first customer to develop a product and founded Setza SA.

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